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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? It seems we have. Mrs VFAD has become one of those shoppers that adds to the children’s sacks all year around, which generally means she can’t remember what she’s brought and we have sacks full on Christmas morning rather than a singular sack each. It does mean that, thankfully, we can alleviate the stress of buying when everyone else is at the peak of the season – it must have something to do with the nightmares of her young days serving on the till in a now long gone catalogue shop. O, and it also means that the loft is crammed to the rafters with bags of treasure that awaits the magic dust of Father Christmas.

It seems that as well as the actual big day, when you have children, there is the whole build-up of festivities including visits and crafting to get you in the spirit and these days are often complemented with fashion accessories and festive clothing. Our Christmas preparation has begun with cutting up catalogues and sticking every known toy for 3-4 year olds on funky paper (a good three hours’ worth of cutting and sticking I might add), building a food hamper for donation to the local food bank (more to follow in a later blog) and putting up some fairy lights in the playroom (that is all in the way of decorations we have so far I hasten to add) as well as the odd Christmas movie or two last Sunday afternoon.

To really get us in the spirit VFAD has been invited by Blade & Rose to sample some of their funky Christmas designs and we had some fun testing them out. This iconic British Brand founded whilst designer and creator was on maternity leave offer a superb range of trendsetting leggings and clothing accessories. Both the Little Lady and Littlest View From a Daddy give their knees some serious wear so the quality of the fabric used in the creation of the leggings which are both durable and functional mean that they are up to the test from a 3-year-old and a now super speedy tummy surfing 7 month old. Soft to the skin these funky designs mean comfort and ease of movement – important when there’s play to be done. Available in sizes 0-4 years with an RRP of £10.00 you can get your hands on a number of designs. We had the Robin leggings for our 3-year-old to sport and Nordic inspired Snowman for our 7 month old. Both of the super cute styles can be accompanied by reversible bandana bibs. Blade and Rose continue to expand their ranges and now have soft cuddly reindeer toys who wear the designs too as well matching socks for your little elves.

So if you are looking for something from a great British brand that your little ones can wear during the festive season, check out Blade & Rose for their Christmas designs. Gender neutral, the easy to wear and wash leggings are a go to for comfort and trend setting.  If only Dads could wear leggings to play too!

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