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This month’s recommended read is from Ross Wilkinson and Dan Bright: DADDYMONSTERS.

Admit it. All Dads make odd noises and smells (even moms do too sometimes). It’s human nature. There are often moans and groans of complaint and faces pulled in disgust. The trick is to pass it off as someone else’s scent or noise – I have been known to look to the new baby but no one is convinced.

Daddymonsters is a quirky new book by budding writer Ross Wilkinson whose young female heroine seeks to discover where the sounds and smells that intrude her home are coming from. With the belief that Daddymonsters live somewhere in her house, she’s on the hunt to catch them out. But, is it a stumble of monsters that is creating the stinks and sounds or is it someone else?

With brilliant comic like illustrations and fun calligraphy, Daddymonsters is a fun read.  The little lady and I have been amused discussing who is to blame.  So, if you’re looking for a fun read or maybe even a gift for Father’s Day for the dad who triggers the same senses as this dad, check out Daddymonsters by Ross Wilkinson, illustrated by Dan Bright.

Daddymonsters is a fabulously funny rhyming children’s picture book for 3 to 5-year-olds – a perfect Father’s Day gift to inspire Daddy reading time!

ISBN: 978-1-5262-0222-2

Buy online at

What is your recommended read? Are there any lift flap books that you and your little ones love to read? Let us know and share your favourites.

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