A Case of Good Manners

A Case of Good Manners - View From A Daddy

Manners cost nothing as my nan used to tell me and I firmly believe that’s true. I’d give up a seat on a bus or train if someone needed it more than me.  Equally, I get hacked off when someone hogs a seat with a shopping bag for no need while others have to search for a seat (can you tell I like the privacy of my own car?). I always say please and thank you or hold the door open for the next person – manners cost nothing and using them, in my opinion, makes you a better person than one who does not. The importance of manners has been one of things that I have been keen to in-still in the Little Lady. She pre-empts any requests for things with ‘please may I…?’ often there is a pregnant pause as I wait to hear what she wants next – most recently there has been a heavy emphasis on ice cream or chocolate spread in her porridge but I’m pleased that she is as polite and as well mannered as she is. There are days when the manners slip and the three-nager appears – there is even a hand on the hip and a verbal outburst – I blame the pesky Nanny Plum of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – ‘Whatever’ but on the whole, she’s got it down to a T (the manners not the attitude).

A Case of Good Manners 1 View From A DaddyWe were recently sent a fab box of books to review containing ‘A Case of Good Manners’ which we have been using to rehearse our manners and habits as well as teaching us about getting along with others. With twelve mini board books, the pack covers honesty, helping, kindness, please and thank you as well as confidence and ‘excuse me’ the latter of which has become all important since we quite like a ‘trump off’ in our house. Sometimes, one of us forgets when it’s pertinent to say ‘excuse me’. Each book contains pictures to accompany a story of how to apply the manners in question and a ‘Helpful hints for parents section’ too. The combination of books also makes up a 12 piece jigsaw to enable you to create play time out of learning time too. This week we have been using the ‘Keep Trying’ book to support our rehearsals of gambolling which we learned at gymnastics last weekend and that can prove somewhat tricky when there’s no bouncy mat to hand.

This is a super compendium covering all of the essentials which will set us in good stead for knowing when to use our manners when we are out and about and when the Little Lady starts nursery and I’m not there to remind her in case of any slips. We are going to persevere with ‘Excuse me’ and hope to have it cracked for September should attempt trumps escape! Imagine parents evening? “Your daughter’s strengths lie in her ability to trump the loudest!” O the shame! What have I started?

A Case of Good Manners – Sweet Cherry Publishing
12 mini board books in a glossy carry case with handle. Perfect for young readers and parents – teaching good manners in a fun way!
ISBN: 978-1-78226-210-7

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