Review: SunGod Renegades Sunglasses

John Hibbs - SunGod Renegades Review

I’ve been hankering for some new shades for the duration of the summer but what to buy? What style? Which brand? I came across SunGod’s website whilst on Twitter and decided to take a closer look. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

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Blade & Rose Christmas Designs

Blade & Rose - View From A Daddy

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? It seems we have. Mrs VFAD has become one of those shoppers that adds to the children’s sacks all year around, which generally means she can’t remember what she’s brought and we have sacks full on Christmas morning rather than a singular sack each. It does mean that, thankfully, we can alleviate the stress of buying when everyone else is at the peak of the season – it must have something to do with the nightmares of her young days serving on the till in a now long gone catalogue shop.

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Funky Frugi Fashion

Frugi Clothes - View From A Daddy

Made from organic cotton and beautiful in design, Frugi really is a company that has our hearts at View From a Daddy so we were really pleased to be invited to try some of their latest designs for both of our girls.

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Golden Ticket - View From A Daddy

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl. In true Dahlicious style, we have taken part in his birthday celebrations and got our creative on to make a costume for the Little Lady. The weekend was filled with gathering kit and suspending saturday evening ‘relaxings’ to instead create the masterpiece that is a Golden Ticket.

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REVIEW: Emile et Rose Babywear

Emile et Rose - View From A Daddy

Although she’s only 10 weeks old, our littlest lady has a pretty full wardrobe while I have a rotation of 4 or 5 grey t-shirts but when British designers Emile et Rose asked us if we would like to try out some of their beautiful dresses from their latest spring/summer range we of course said yes please!

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Review: BabyBjorn We Air Carrier

The BabyBjorn We Air is a great new carrier made from super soft breathable fabric so you can really feel the difference that the material makes when carrying your little one as the air flows more freely allowing for a more comfortable carrying experience. Both Mrs VFAD and I agree that this is super simple…

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Win tickets to The Baby Show at NEC, Birmingham!

Baby Show - View From A Daddy

The next Baby Show with MadeForMums, is set to return to the NEC Birmingham from 13th to 15th May. The ultimate pregnancy and parenting shopping event for new and expectant parents, it will be home to over 200 exhibitors showcasing the very best baby and infant essentials. It’s the only show to feature all the…

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Review: BabyBjorn Changing Bag SoFo

BabyBjorn - View From A Daddy

The BabyBjorn Changing Bag SoFo is a hit! The second time around we were looking for something that was versatile, flexible and that would last. It needed to be gender neutral as we were having a surprise and it needed to have longevity too to take us into the toddler years – the BabyBjorn Changing Bag SoFo fits the bill.

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