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Girls Rule – International Women’s Day

Dad Blog - International Women’s Day 2018

Today marks International Women’s day – I’m hoping for the future of my girls that the celebration of this day pervades the press; that it is in schools and across the TV screens so that everyone knows that today we celebrate women not for their beauty, not for their physiques and not because they are a form to be ogled but because when we celebrate the strength, the skills and the powers of women it becomes achievable for the young women we are shaping to aspire to something more than the everyday stereotypes that they are exposed to on the screen and on the toyshop shelves.

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Polar Express - View From A Daddy Parenting Blog

Make your way to the platform of Telford Steam Railway; suspend your disbelief and for one afternoon enter into a magical world of fun, excitement and magical Christmas spirit. I did and in turn, the View From a Daddy family had an enchanting experience.

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