Cure your stinky dog!

Rosco’s going on his holidays so ‘Pet Head’ supplies have come just in time to ensure he goes to his holiday home smelling fragrant. Pet owners will be familiar with the range of scents that accompany a dog from ‘damp dog’ to ‘warm dog’ or even better ‘recently eaten dinner dog’; it’s true – whatever the shape or size of your dog there is one thing that isn’t too variable and that’s the smell that lingers around them as a clue to whatever they’ve recently been up to. And in our case, it’s damp.

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Introducing Rosco

Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy

Rosco the Labrador will be joining us later this month when he turns 8 weeks old. Rosco comes from the Poolehall Labrador line who have a fantastic record of producing excellent show and field trial winners.

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