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Review: Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle - View From A Daddy

Jousting and duels, battling and bird flights; it’s all on offer over at Warwick Castle. If you are wondering what to fill your final days of the summer holidays with then make sure you take a trip to the heart of the country to pledge your allegiance to resolve the latest conflict between the Houses of Lancaster and York.

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Boob to Bottle…The Challenge

Boob to Bottle - View From A Daddy

For the first 6 months or so I was pretty much redundant when it came to feeding Littlest View From a Daddy. With Mrs VFAD nursing our newest addition, it meant that I needed to take on other key roles that are essential when a little human arrives in the house: changing nappies, getting the washing sorted, taking charge of the family meals etc. I was more than happy to plump the cushions and get the drinks for Mrs VFAD when she needed them (and boy does she drink when she’s nursing – water I might add, nothing harder) but it did mean that I couldn’t really help out when the baby needed food.

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TOP 5: Free things to do this summer!

We’ve made ourselves quite skilled at finding activities that don’t cost the earth or are even free here in Staffordshire. I thought, I’d share them with you to make the future weeks seem easier, maybe more manageable or at the very least fun.

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