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Rosco Hibbs - View From A Daddy

Arm & Hammer Dog Toothpaste - View From A DaddyRosco’s going on his holidays so ‘Pet Head’ supplies have come just in time to ensure he goes to his holiday home smelling fragrant. Pet owners will be familiar with the range of scents that accompany a dog from ‘damp dog’ to ‘warm dog’ or even better ‘recently eaten dinner dog’; it’s true – whatever the shape or size of your dog there is one thing that isn’t too variable and that’s the smell that lingers around them as a clue to whatever they’ve recently been up to. And in our case, it’s damp.

He’s cute for sure but he is growing into a stinky teenager that requires some deodorizing and ‘Pet Head’ supplies have the answer. We’ve been fortunate enough to sample the ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ spray in deodorizer. It has attractive packaging and an easy to use nozzle spray which helped with the process. Rosco was keen to investigate the bottle too. It’s not a heavy bottle which means that you can easily manage to hold onto your pet as well as administer the spay even if you are not using your dominant hand.

Rosco Hibbs Pet Head - View From A DaddyOnce sprayed, avoiding the eyes and mouth, the deodorizer settles and immediately sets to work. There is no rubbing in required so it really is a spray and go. What is more he smells as good as he looks now too!

Next came the teeth; as a puppy many of his teeth are falling out ready for his bigger gnashers to arrive. This morning, we had a clean with ‘Arm & Hammer’ beef flavoured doggy toothpaste. Packaged with a doggy dual headed toothbrush and a finger brush (for you not the pooch), this paste is Rosco’s new favourite feature in his cleaning routine; in fact he lapped it up. Not only does it freshen his breath, it also works to leave his pegs gleaming. With an enzymatic baking soda formula, it fights to control tartar.

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