Daddy Cleaning Hack #1

View From A Daddy Cleaning Hack 1

Of all of the jobs that I have in my role as a full time daddy cleaning is one that I take pride in but sometimes, it tests my skills. I enjoy the finished effect of a freshly cleaned window and the reflective gleam of the hearth after a good old polish – of course the tiny hands have been banished to the toy zone while the mission is undertaken which in itself is a challenge but the benefits gained outweigh the demands of time spent coaxing my little lady into the toy filled area whilst encouraging her ‘stick-ability’ as I edge out duster, mop and polish in my ‘tool-belt’.

Sometimes, and only sometimes, after I’ve managed 5 loads of washing, hoovered and mopped all of the floors and managed to maintain that hint of fresh which settles in a clean house (whilst also containing all signs of a two year old’s havoc), I get a little annoyed when my wife fails to notice the beauty of the setting but I reckon on her having had a tough day and I just take pride. I lie. Sometimes I drop a little dig ‘did you notice how fresh everything smells and how clean everything looks?’. Then she smiles and I expand my chest and nod my head in acknowledgement of my skills.

This was never so true as when I discovered how to banish those annoying dark stains that appear on the light oatmeal carpet that you naively have fitted at the foot of your stairs in the hallway from the front door. Those spots that manage to escape the capture of the rug that you have strategically placed – ah yes, you know the ones. Anyway, I solved the problem and it took no fuss or fancy product at all:

Using approximately 2 teaspoons full of baking powder, from the fully stocked kitchen baking cupboard (it’s my new hobby), and a small amount of cold water mixed up, I applied it to the stains with a clean cloth. I rubbed it in gently and watched (in amazement – more at my own hack) as the stain disappeared. A residue of powder remains once the area is dry but then I hovered the carpet, which removes the powder and leaves the area looking fresh and spot free! If I only had more oatmeal coloured carpet to clean – ah, wait a minute there’s the whole stair case to tackle now!!

Try it for yourself – it’s cheap and easy. I’d love to hear about your top cleaning hacks!

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