Daddy Goes Christmas Shopping

Specialized Hotwalk Girls - View From A Daddy

What happens when daddy goes Christmas shopping? He comes back with a beautiful pink bike with matching helmet of course!

As a keen cyclist myself, I have wanted to get Xanthe her first bike for a long time, even before she could even actually walk! There are a whole array of balance bikes on the market but as I ride a Specialised myself and with a store near by this was my first choice. I’d done my research and decided that this was the one. So, I set off on a mission to get a test ride.

Specialized Hotwalk Girls - View From A Daddy.jpgThe assistant in the shop was very helpful and knowledgeable, as far as you can be with a balance bike. He altered the height of the seat and gave advice on appropriate fittings for a helmet for a one year old’s head. Once she’d sat astride it, the decision was made. Obviously, wishing to establish the importance of Santa in the process of gifting at Christmas, I gave a nod to the very helpful assistant and made a return visit without my own little elf for collection.

I couldn’t resist getting her her very own Hibbs Lupus Trust charity cycling jersey too for when she’s ready of course!

For more information on the Specialised Hotwalk bike and to find your local Specialised store visit their website.

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