Dinky Duvalay Sleeping Bag

Dinky Duvalay Sleeping Bag - View From A Daddy Blog

The Little Lady likes a sleep over whether that’s in our bed, at nanny’s or even in the motorhome which Nanny and Papa are now travelling around Portugal in. She’s happy enough in her own bed too but the excitement of something different oddly often sends her off to sleep without the fuss that can accompany bed time. We were invited to try out the Dinky Duvalay and while we won’t be seeing the motorhome for weekend adventures anytime soon, the Little Lady has taken full advantage of this sleeping bag that can be used at home or away.

The duvet and topper combination allows for comfort which I don’t every remember having from the days when I have bedded down in a bag. With a memory foam topper that sits in the bottom pocket, there is no shuffling around to get your frame comfortable. Instead, you’re cushioned straight away ready to drift off.

The funky animal design print on the luxury poly-cotton fabric is suitable for boys and girls and is great tool for the transition from cot bed to ‘big girl’s bed’ (or boy’s) as well as for those sleep overs away from home. The two pocket system comprises of a duvet in the top that simply rolls up into buckled straps so its ready to go wherever you pitch up. To suit your adventures the Dinky Duvalay is available in a 4.5 or 10.5 tog so it’s great for the summer or winter.

The Little Lady has had loads of fun snuggling up in the Dinky Duvalay and with the recent cold snap she’s even bedded down in it on a lazy lounging afternoon after a fast nursery morning.

We love the Dinky Duvalay for its ease of use, it’s beautiful colours and its water resistant covers.  Now hurry home Nanny and Papa so we can get a weekend in the motorhome with the new bit of kit!

  • Duvet and topper combination
  • Transportable, improves any sleeping area
  • Includes easily removable water resistant cover
  • Helps children feel secure and comfortable
  • Use at home and away
  • Includes matching pillow and pillow case
  • Easy care polycotton percale cover and pillow case
  • Recommended for children aged 2 – 8 years

These transportable, luxury sleeping bags are as good to use at home as away ensuring every child gets a comforting, secure and cosy night’s sleep wherever they are.

Read more and purchase online at www.duvalay.co.uk

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Dinky Duvalay Sleeping Bag - View From A Daddy Blog

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