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Look what arrived this week from Vital Baby and just in time as enter upon the journey of weaning. Littlest VFAD will be 6 months this week and up until now has been exclusively nursed. She’s been a chilled baby. She settled herself into a routine pretty quickly and was happy to go along with the flow of VFAD family life. We’ve been on this journey before but the gap between starting and now having a three year old who is quick to tell you she ‘fancies sausages’ for dinner or ‘I don’t like chilli’, it comes as a bit of shock when you have to start planning for another meal and make sure you have all of the ingredients in the house to concoct one of the recipes that you have promised yourself you’re going to make. But, both MRS VFAD and I have made a pact that this time around we are not going to get hung up on exact dates and exact measures because it all becomes too much – for baby and for those preparing the meals. Instead we are going with the flow – we’ll let the Littlest guide us and although she’s chilled out, she knows exactly what she does and does not like already.

To start we have dipped in to some purees (not literally). Obviosuly we went with the easys first: mashed banana, pureed apple, smashed up carrot and sweet potato and these have been received with a gurgel, smile and few burps. Baby porridge has also been a hit with some mushed up fruit and this week has seen the start of the finger foods. She’s loving soft toast and chunks of carrot – although having said that much of the finger food has landed on the floor.

Vital Baby Proucts Review - View From A DaddyTo help us on our journey Vital Baby has sent over some of their great products to try. It’s not lie that when children arrive, you always need something else. You just about think you’re sorted with the steriliser, moses basket, cot, a million vests blah blah blah and then the next phase arrives and you need the storage pots, the soft spoons, the plastic dishes that can withstand a hurl across the room and before you know it, your cutlery drawer is full of multi-coloured plastic (not the fancy utensils form John Lewis) and your shelves have umpteen mismatched plates and bowls. However, the Vital Baby kit has helped to tackle the problem and I’ve started to stream line the mess that is our collection of kit from weaning days gone by.

To aid the storage of the massive portions that I seem to have created whether it be a trio of root vegetables or purred pear, the Vital Baby Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods are just the right size for a dinner serving. With 6 2oz pods in a pack that are contained in a tray, storage is streamlined and easy especially when you are trying to pop the food into the pods and keep them together in the freezer or fridge. BPA free, these super pods can be microwaved, frozen and sterilized and with a flexible base your frozen cubes is a doddle.

Once you’ve got as far as being ready to feed your gummy little one, you’ll need ‘weaning spoons’ (who knew?). Vital Baby has a pack of 5 soft tipped spoons that protect those sensitive gums. They are small enough for little mouths and have a curved handle making grip for the exploring diner easy.  Top Tip: when you start feeding, give baby a spoon to hold while you make a b-line for their mouth with another spoon so they don’t try to grab yours while its loaded. This should distract them and encourages them to move the spoon to their mouth too.

We were also sent a suction ‘Unbelievabowl’ to try. This is recommended for use from 9 months but we’ve given it a try. The Unbelievabowl has a removable suction pad which makes feeding from a high chair or smooth surface more spill resistant shall we say. It has useful handles at the side of the bowl for you to grip onto while baby is feeding. The removable nature of the suction pad also makes it easy to wash and sterilize. And, what you come to love about the suction Unbelievabowl it’s not easy for little hands to grab and through meaning you won’t get a pureed effect on your satin magnolia walls (eat your heart out Lawrence Lewellyn Bowen).

I’m off to prepare some cucumber chunks and mashed sweet potato. To find out more about the great Vital Baby products check out: www.vitalbaby.co.uk

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