Here’s to dads doing it on a wet Wednesday morning!

Soft Play - View From A Daddy

With the persistent rain that seems to be defying the meteorologists here in Staffordshire, (we had planned for tennis this morning but woke to more rain) we went for some indoor play instead.

We donned out socks and headed out hoping with all of my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be too busy and screamy and noisy. Gladly surprised, it wasn’t too bad. But the reason I’m posting today isn’t to give you an idea about what we’ve done to avoid the rain but to instead reflect on the number of dads that were there without the ‘mom’. I don’t want to suggest it was a completely non mom zone, and neither should it be, but there were plenty on dads. I counted 4 flying solo and 1 grandad. Now, the grandad wasn’t in the thick of it bouncing in the ball pit but he did have his shoes off and he did give the odd reassuring push back to his grand daughter towards the swinging ball and slides so in my book I’ll have that as a win.

So, here’s to dads doing it on a wet Wednesday morning!

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