Infertility: Not Just a Woman’s Issue

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My Fertility, to the naive me, was a given but what if it hadn’t been so easy to conceive?

At View From a Daddy, we’ve had two baby girls conceived without any challenges or complications – we have certainly been lucky – but when we were asked by SpermCheck if we had thought about my fertility and sperm count, I started to wonder – what if it hadn’t been so easy for us? I’ll be honest my first reaction was to blush. The thought of someone asking me about my sperm count made me recoil; my immediate thought was ‘it must be fine’ but what if it hadn’t been? What if we had been trying and it just hadn’t happened? What would I have done then? I suspect I would have first suggested that my wife needed to do the tests and speak to her doctor – passing the buck is always easier when there is something to be done that you don’t really want to deal with. I have a ‘visit the doctor in a dire emergency’ type of approach to all things medical where I am concerned and most especially if it’s something of a personal nature. Daily commitments often ‘get in the way’ of making a visit to check out our own health but if an excuse is further born from the embarrassment of discussing your nether regions but maybe having something from which to ground your concerns, might help you on your way to the waiting room.

It surprised me to learn that the male is responsible for problems with conception almost as often as the female. Research from the 90s suggested that men had less than half the sperm production that their grandfathers had at the same age – the challenges posed to conception can only be on the increase. We need to take into account that it’s not just a woman’s issue – men need to get checked out too.

There are a whole host of terms that accompany the sperm and infertility world – it’s a whole new lingo to me but what I have learned is that there is no such thing as a ‘normal sperm count’ rather a ’normal range’ so even if we are worried about testing our fertility we shouldn’t worry that there’s a one size fits all number (so to speak). There are however a number of factors according to Infertility Network UK that influence a man’s count (to find out more check out

So what are your options? What should you do if you suspect you need to do a check but you haven’t plucked up the courage to make the call to the doctor or you just haven’t got time yet to make an appointment? Well, you could try an ‘at home kit’ from SpermCheck which offers a fertility testing kit for men that can be used at your convenience in the privacy of your own home or wherever (more blushing!). It has an easy to read results window (akin to a pregnancy test) and results are shown within 10 minutes (this made me chuckle – obviously the pre-emptive work may take a bit longer). The checker claims to have in excess of 98% accuracy, so it’s worth a try as a starting point if you are a bit like me ‘of the blushing nature’!

Find out more at and buy online at

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  1. Kim Styles on July 20, 2016 at 18:44

    It is such a sensitive subject and I would like to win this for my friend in order for her to approach her partner with initially a suggestion that he might check as she has two children by a previous marriage but now is having a problem conceiving

  2. Natalie Crossan on July 27, 2016 at 22:04

    Quite right… a sensitive subject – one that we find really difficult to talk about, especially my partner

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