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We are all keen to avoid the dreaded germs and make sure our little one’s hands are clean after adventures and activities. Young learners like to touch and feel their way around an environment and aren’t always aware of the germs that they acquire on their way but we have tried (being the key word) to encourage our little lady to wash her hands and even use sanitiser for super sticky moments.  We haven’t been brand loyal previously but I would have to say that we would definitely recommend the Vital Baby Acquaint Sanitising Water that has all of the benefits of other gel like products without the harshness that can sometimes accompany such stuff..

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Vital Baby Acquaint Sanitising Water is 100% natural and so can be used from birth on the skin and even in the mouth. It’s alcohol free and free from fragrance so there are no harsh smells that linger and there is no drying effect that is often associated with other sanitising products.  Instead, this water based sanitiser leaves you feeling like you’ve just simply cleansed again in water. There is no need to rinse or dry off either as the spray dries naturally and quickly. Promising to kill 99.9% of bacteria in seconds, the gentle cleaners can be used on teethers, soothers, toys, feeding equipment and even food. We love this feature – we eat a lot of fruits as grab and go food so being able to spray them with Vital Baby Acquaint Sanitising Water when out and about means that I’m a little less concerned about any lingering germs or bacteria that can cling on. I don’t want you to think I’m frantic about cleaning but having the ability to spray directly onto food makes those ad-hoc picnics nice and easy too with just a liberal spray onto your dinner before you tuck in gives you a bit of peace of mind.

The sanitiser comes in both handy small spray bottle that can be stored in a change bag and also in a larger spray bottle for use around the home.  We love it. The brand also offer cleaning wipes in useful change -bag sized pack.

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