Memory Making this Father’s Day

Father's Day - View From A Daddy 2

As Father’s Day approaches this weekend, it’s got me thinking about gifting. Not because I’m materialistic and I’ve got my order in with Mrs View From a Daddy (anyone with babies and particularly those learning the joys of budgeting with extra humans in the house knows that gifts for yourself are rare) but it led me to consider what would be the best thing that I could have on Sunday.

Father's Day - View From A Daddy 2Becoming a dad has led me to experience all sorts of emotions and feelings that I’d never had before but nothing is as valuable or special to me as being with my family. It’s not about possessions anymore; it’s about making memories: laughing, exploring, running, lounging. While doing any of those things and more, I often find that I stop just to breathe it all in and nod in appreciation of what I have. Don’t get me wrong, some new socks wouldn’t go amiss but there’s always Christmas for those.

Making memories for us is often about getting outdoors and discovering things. The inquisitive mind of a three year old is in constant search of the answers. ‘Why Daddy?’ (Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.)  Sometimes you have the answers. Sometimes you don’t. I have found that letting her look for herself or to take the plunge into new worlds alone has been the best answer when my brain wracking has drawn a blank.

Whether it’s in the park or the garden, rock pooling or pond dipping, there will always be another memory to capture. You rarely remember the best pair of socks or t-shirts you received for past occasions but that time when we were holidaying at Bluestone and my Little Lady poked a hiding sea anemone nestled in the coves and let out a squeal on Tenby Beach or that time she rolled along the sand when the sky was stormy dark but the heat was intense at Barafundle Bay, our favourite gem of a beach, will stay with me forever. (Can you tell we love Pembrokeshire?)

I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. Perhaps it’s a wisdom that comes with parenthood or maybe age (although who likes to admit they’re aging?) but one thing is for sure, I’m hoping for more memory making this Father’s Day.

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