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A brilliant place to get a whole lot of bang for your buck out of the Merlin Annual Pass is down on The Embankment in London. We spent a great afternoon soaking up the atmosphere, catching a glimpse of some of the best sights in the capital and feeling pretty chuffed with the benefits of the passes. Young and ahem ‘older’ can enjoy what’s on offer. So what did we do? We visited the London Eye, Shrek Adventures and the London Sealife Aquarium all inclusive of our passes.

View From A Daddy - London AttractionsIt just so happened that we went to the city in the mid summer heat but what is great about the attractions on The Embankment is that you can take advantage of what Merlin has to offer come rain or shine. With the Premier Annual Merlin Pass, you can go straight to the fast-track queue to get onto the London Eye so the hassle of queuing with all of the other visitors is by-passed – a huge relief when you have little ones with you to entertain and pacify.  The views that we were able to see from the Eye were superb and allowed us to cover much of the city without really having to travel too far also useful with minis in tow. The biggest attraction of going to London for the Little Lady was seeing where the ‘Queen’s house’ was so being able to spot Buckingham Palace from a great height really added something extra special for her.

Next, the Little Lady chose that we would visit Shrek Adventures. Entry into this attraction is advisable for children over the age of 6 because of its interactive nature (some scary witches also make an appearance too) although our 3-year-old got involved with the story and wasn’t particularly fazed by it at all. There are some flashing lights and dark corners as well as some decidedly odd characters along with the favourites from the family films who guided us around the attraction and challenged us to solve the mystery. A 4D ride on a London bus leaves you somewhat wet as you then move from room to room meeting the real life characters. We had the baby in the pouch who was settled but I think we took a bit of a risk as once you’re in, it could be tricky to exit the tale. The Little Lady coped with the quick moving story line but you would need to judge this for yourself dependent upon what your children like.

After we had solved the puzzle and rescued Shrek, we made our way into the London Sealife Aquarium which is conveniently right next door to the other two attractions. Like its counterparts, the Sealife Aquarium has some truly beautiful creatures on display, with friendly and informative staff who engage you in activities and welcome questions. On our visit we were able to get our hands in the water and feel the star fish (squirm for me!). The Sealife London Aquarium is huge so you could spend quite a bit of time in here. We really enjoyed learning about the different regions of the world and the associated sea life especially the polar ice worlds; this area has some pretty impressive footage from the BBC’s Frozen Planet. The captivating environment is created from sounds and visual clues that really make you feel as though you have been transported far away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

We all had a great day and experienced so much from one spot in London; a benefit of the Merlin Annual Passes. What’s great is that we could pop back again and again to see the delights of on offer.

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This post is published as part of our role as Merlin Entertainment Ambassadors.


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