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One month in and we all have clean clothes, I haven’t burnt the house down and Xanthe is thriving!

It has now been one month since mommy returned to work and left me at home with the small task of looking after our daughter, Xanthe. Thankfully, occurrences like the one depicted in the above picture have been few and far between and anyway I don’t like to think of it as a dinner gone wrong, more of messy play time!

One thing that every parent has always said to me is ‘time flies’ and they are certainly not wrong! But, what no one mentioned and, what I didn’t expect, was just how tiring solo day time parenting would be. For the past month, I have been in bed by 9pm totally exhausted with the list of tomorrow’s duties whirling around my head.

We have joined lots of clubs in the area and made lots of new friends; we have a very busy calendar.

Most of my mornings are spent worrying about what to dress her in.  I’ve got style but I’m more of a dress myself kinda guy with no pink in my wardrobe – I’ve never had to dress anyone else before let alone some one who wriggles like a worm at the very glance of a vest or t-shirt!

As we move towards Xanthe’s first birthday, I’ve begun to reflect on the journey we’ve been on since we first discovered we were pregnant and the joys that she has brought to our lives! I’ll be blogging about this and reviewing products and places along the way.

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  1. Kim The Bookworm on March 29, 2014 at 07:56

    Loving the fact that you are stressing about what to dress Xanthe in! Sorry! Your beautiful daughter is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen, so chilled and lovely natured and is a credit to you both. Parenting is tiring but the best job in the world! X

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