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This is our third Christmas as three and each year we have vowed that the presents need to be curbed but it seems that the ‘buy throughout the year’ approach has meant that even more arrived than usual (this has nothing to do with me but my organised wife). In addition to these, come the gifts from the doting grandparents, aunties and uncles. We are very grateful for their love and generosity but I must say I’m slightly less enamoured by the copious amounts of cardboard, wrapping and useless plastic that comes with these super gifts. In their wisdom the local council did a brown bin collection the day before Christmas Eve because of course everyone has been gardening and trimming their Christmas tree in advance of the big day?!?

So, after I’d folded, crushed, wrestled with and man handled nearly one million articles of wrapping into the garage (the other 52,000 pieces, I’d managed to squeeze these into the bins), the clear up inside began.

With a new little person on the way, we’ve managed to streamline the little lady’s toys and even books in order for the baby’s resource bank to be fully stocked only for any spare spaces to be dutifully replenished with the next stage of toys and learning activities that will now fill our days.  My wife reminded me that, akin to her days, I may need to start planning what to play with first so that we can cover everything. I sneered – I don’t need a lesson plan for my time to be filled but she may have a point – there are that many things to engage us we may need to schedule for what comes first.

So, now there are bags of rubbish, bags for the charity shop and newly replenished toy boxes and shelves, which is really quite pleasing. My wife’s obsession with storage boxes (who needs all these boxes?) is proving useful after all – but we will only muse on this, we will not say it loud. And what I’m even more pleased about is that although I thought all hope of finding the floor again was lost, it turns out we do indeed have one – now pass me the vacuum and mop – #adadsworkisneverdone.

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