Paddle Boarding at Wakelake Chasewater

Wakelake - View From A Daddy

I made a bit of a splash this weekend despite trying my hardest to play it Daddy Cool when my sister and I went paddle boarding at Wakelake Chase Water near Cannock.

Despite poor weather predictions and the somewhat choppy waters, we arrived for an afternoon of fun. After signing in with a really friendly team who gave us a warm welcome, we donned our wetsuits, the hire of which was included in the cost of the activity, and intently followed the guidance of our instructor who taught us the key details about the board and paddle. ‘What more could there be to it?’ I had thought before we actually entered the water but I was soon to learn that those already gliding aloft the waters had the core strength of Goliath as I attempted to gain some purchase on the slippery surface.

In our small group of 4 we took our time to get the hang of sailing on our knees and then we were gently encouraged to make the transition to standing. Our great instructor modelled his skills with a quick headstand before we began any manoevering  – some of us were a little more agile than others (I’ll say no more about that!). After spending some time exploring our potential on the calmer waters, we headed further out to test our skills before making our way back to shore. The session runs for 1hr 30mins. Hire of the paddle and board is included.

This was a superb physical workout demanding intense concentration but it was huge fun. In fact, the falling in brought great relief to cool off after the intense workout that makes your quads and core burn. I could certainly feel the effects the next morning!

If you are up for some fun, make sure you check out paddle boarding at Wakelake. There are a number of other activities available as well as a cafe and park area for children to play and burn off some energy too.

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For more information about Wavelake at Chasewater visit

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