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Kidy Board - View From A DaddyAs we prepare to start nursery school in September, the Little Lady is really keen to ‘read’ books aloud and often traces the words with her fingers pretending that she knows them. She loves singing the alphabet at the top of her voice and most recently she has been super excited about learning to write her name and letters. In fact, she’s in the garden now chalking her name and papa’s letters across the patio – o to be three years old.

Maped Helix have sent us over a box of goodies to test out and they have been greatly received by my budding learner as well as Mrs View From a Daddy who has a strange lust for stationery (I think it’s the teacher in her). Included in the treasure trove is a Kidy’Board – a transparent overlay board that allows your little one to trace pictures, letters or numbers to help them on their journey to writing fluently and learn pen control. Included in the Kidy’Board pack are examples of letters and pictures to be traced and what’s great is that there are many more templates available on the Maped Helix website too. The gridded overlay easily adapts to any image making it great for entertaining her on journeys when carrying bundles of paper just isn’t practical. It’s easy to clean and there is a non-slip frame that helps align the board to other sheets too. We’ve been practising our letters over and over again made easier with the wipe clean surface.

We’ve also committed some etchings to paper with the Maped Helix Black’Peps Jumbo Eraser Tipped Pencils. With two in a pack, these are super for little hands and have a triangular shape for easier grip. I would recommend these as a good starting point for the next step from chunkier crayons. Maped Helix also offer a fun sharpener in the shape of a rabbit with a patented feature that means the rabbit nibbles away at the pencil while it turns clockwise helping to teach little writers the correct way to sharpen their pencils while giggling at its features. To finish off her etchings the Little Lady used the Maped Color’Peps Gel crayons, which are also great for smaller hands as they are chunky, feature easy grip and are triangular in shape to help your little one to manage greater colour coverage. These gel crayons also come in a handy carry case great for storage and for travel.

Color'Peps Gel - View From A DaddyAnother favourite in our house is crafting and while we some times have the attention span of a small gnat, this activity can often keep us focused for a little longer. To help her stay at the ‘crafting table’ for more than five minutes we have been testing out the Kiddicut scissors, which are just for small hands. With fibreglass blades and round tips, they are safe to use by even the smallest of crafters helping them to manage their dexterity, but only allowing them to cut paper; not skin, hair or clothes. I have a dread fear of her losing a finger or chopping at her hair when she discovers what she can achieve with a pair of scissors but these super cuties allay those worries.

To keep all of these goodies safe and in one place, we spent a morning, yes a whole morning, choosing a pencil case (there were lots to choose from and I made the error of not refining the options) but now we are set for nursery school and while I don’t imagine there will be much sitting down and writing, the Little Lady is super excited about her next stage of learning. She loves the funky features of the smaller pieces of kit and has spent an age with the Kidy’Board refining her letters and shapes. Thank you Maped Helix for the opportunity to test out your great products.

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