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AmaWrap - View From A Daddy

Littlest View From A Daddy does not like to be horizontal when out and about. In fact, she’s not keen on it at all really except for when she’s sleepy and then she doesn’t really give a zzzz about how she’s positioned. I’ve tried the gentle reassurances ‘aren’t we having a nice walk?!’ when she’s down in the pram, singing lullabies and all the pram toys we have in our baby toy armory but the strategies just aren’t cutting it. You may know I’m not averse to baby carrying so when we were asked to try out an AmaWrap, I was keen. Would it provide the support needed to carry a growing baby and allow me to still use my hands though? If not, what would the point be other than to have a cute body warmer?

AmaWrap 2 - View From A DaddyThere’s a whole movement of people I have become aware of since conducting my research into baby wearing (studious face). There are Facebook pages and even sling groups where you can go and hire out different types of wraps and slings – a sort of fitting service for the best baby wearing kit. Who knew? A simple search on Google, will point you in the right direction if you are interested.

The AmaWrap arrived nicely boxed. It is available in a range of colours; we have a grey one to go with my range of dad grey t-shirts but there are other colours for you to choose from. The thing that stumped me initially is the lack of tech. There aren’t any clips or waistbands with this form of carrying equipment. Instead it’s all about the wrapping (which I should have guessed really). Anyway, where do you go when you want to know how to do something? YouTube? Yes, me too. So before the AmaWrap arrived, I’d made sure I’d watched a ‘how to wrap’ tube over and over to fathom what was required of me and to make sure there were no escaping babies. There are lots of options available but I shouldn’t have worried as the AmaWrap comes with a handy booklet that provides guidelines on the dos and don’ts of baby wrapping.

AmaWrap - View From A DaddyBecause of the nature of a wrap, you should only wrap using a stretchy fabric for babies weighing up to approx 15kg/33lbs, which is just perfect for a new born and us at just three months. The super soft wrap is soft against baby’s skin and makes it nice to handle when you are getting it into position. The recommended wraps mean that weight is evenly distributed around your torso allowing for comfort and closeness with baby. You like me, may be petrified by the prospect of wrapping and then placing a baby in a wrap especially when your dexterity is challenged by fear but with the initial use of a handy mirror, I soon got the hang of it and feel much more reassured of what I am doing now.

So, when have I used it? It’s been handy in trips to the park when bigger View From a Daddy has been running free and enjoying herself but it’s also been really helpful around the house when she’s just needed to be close. I’ve managed to load the washing machine, peg out a load and even do a bit of dusting with her wrapped. She’s also been wrapped when I’ve been playing board games so I have been able to continue to play with her elder sister, which was a challenge at first when she was newborn. I’ve even been brave enough to leave the wheels at home on shopping trips and plan to do so again when we head to the beach shortly.

I like the closeness that an AmaWrap offers a dad with their baby especially when baby is so young. If she’s been unsettled, a quick wrap has been a great solution to calming her and often she’s fallen fast asleep. Now, I can’t guarantee this comes with all AmaWraps (maybe there is a potion woven into the fabric that they don’t tell you about?) but what I can say is that it’s worked wonders for us on most wrapping occasions.

The AmaWrap is a great introduction to baby wearing and provides an ergonomic safe way to carry your baby. The wraps are 100% cotton measuring 5m x 50cm.

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