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Annabel Karmel Review - View From A Daddy Blog

Fruity Chicken Korma & Rice; Scrummy Fish Pie; Tasty Spaghetti & Meatballs and Delicious Beef Cottage Pie were just a few of the appetising meals we have been fortunate enough to sample from the host of delicious ready prepared dishes from the Annabel Karmel range. All of the 200g meals are inspired by homemade recipes and although I am sometimes sceptical about package meals for adults and children, I have to say, without doubt, these were scrumptious and had the hearty seal of approval from the Little Lady. Full of flavour (I know because I may have had to pinch a spoonful or two before serving – in the name of taste testing and all that) the meals are free from artificial colours and preservatives, which is reassuring and clear to when serving onto the plate.  With no oil residue or unappealing fluorescence left lingering after consumption, these meals are very nice indeed.

Some days you just need something ready to pop into the oven or microwave when you don’t have time to prepare a hearty meal and I felt reassured and not too guilty when I served these up not only because of the ease with which they were ready to eat but because each one we tasted was enjoyable. With appealing packaging and an ample serving for a little diner, the meals can be kept in the fridge or frozen.

I particularly liked that the ingredients are listed on the back and I don’t just mean ‘flavours’. These cute little dishes list the garlic right down to the pepper used. I can safely say that we will be adding these to our treat list not only because they can be my reassuring go to when the days have escaped me and there’s no time for cooking and dance club in one morning, but also because the tasty meals provide a satisfying lunch or dinner to our growing two year old.

Suitable for those aged one year plus, the Annabel Karmel range can be found in the chiller aisle at Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

We have also been trying out the Family Cooking for iPhone and iPad app. It provides instant access to more than 120 simple recipes using a variety of supermarket ingredients. Easy to navigate and built with family routines in mind, the recipes are split into everyday meals, quick & easy, prep ahead, lunchboxes and light snacks, sweets and weekend get-togethers.

What makes this app even more special is its unique Kids Rule the Kitchen section – a special cooking course designed to feed children’s imaginations whilst teaching essential cooking skills. Created for children as young as 4 years, there are 12 recipe challenges to complete. For each one, Annabel’s trainee chefs first take part in an interactive ‘drag and drop’ cookery lesson. They then put their virtual experience to the test by cooking the real thing. From Bolognese Enchiladas to Tasty Stir Fry’s and Puff Pastry Pizzas, each completed recipe earns the child a new badge and the chance to photograph and share their masterpieces!

Download the Annabel Karmel Family Cooking app from the Apple App Store.

Learn more about Annabel Karmel at

Annabel Karmel Review - View From A Daddy Blog

Annabel Karmel Review - View From A Daddy Blog

Annabel Karmel Review - View From A Daddy Blog

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