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Hated household chore number one is ironing and falling closely behind that is vacuuming but with a boisterous labrador and two children there’s no escaping the damned job and at least once a day the familiar sound of the whirring engine can be heard doing the rounds. I do avoid having to do upstairs every day because I generally contain the havoc of children’s play to two rooms but there’s no escaping the malting dog and the places that his thick yellow coat can get into and sometimes I even vacuum the vacuum to get rid of the pesky stuff.

Dirt Devil Review - View From A DaddyRecently VFAD was asked to review the Dirt Devil 360 Reach Upright. I’m being completely honest with you when I say that I had a little jump for joy. Since moving into VFAD ‘Towers’, we have had probably three vacuums of various brands and although the first remains my ‘favourite’, he’s starting to show his age after some possible mistreatment in the garage (I won’t go into details but suffice to say wet dog and car mats aren’t good for any vacuum no matter the claims about its strength). Anyway, I was to welcome the Dirt Devil with open arms as there could be light at the end of my very dark housework tunnel.

With a 0.6 litre capacity and 0.8 metre wand this little power monster does the trick. I’m tall and so conventional length vacuums don’t always extend as far as I’d like meaning there’s bending to be done. I know it’s no sport but repetitive strain injury is a serious concern when it comes to going backward and forwards with a waning hoover that has a lethargic suck. Perhaps one of the best features is the 8.5 metre cord allowing you to move between rooms easily and even up the stairs without the threat of progress being interrupted with a sudden yank pulling you back down the stairs as you clutch to the neck of your cleaning tool.

The Dirt Devil also comes with a handy ‘Crevice Tool’ meaning that those pesky dog hairs or minute bits of glitter that accompany two small girls can be banished to the depths of the bin. The tool attaches easily and has a rubber ending which means that there is no skimming of surfaces another pet hat of mine with conventional attachments so you really do get at whatever needs to disappear. Simply detach the wand and pop the ‘Crevice Tool’ on for some serious corner cleaning in the home or car.

The easy to empty canister will soon fill with whatever challenge you set it using its Premium Brush Roll that switches between carpet or hardwood floor. The swivel head of the Dirt Devil 360 Reach Stick also adds to the ease of its use and while its body can seem a little heavier than you’re used to with a regular vacuum pole, the flexibility of its movement easily compensates for that. The Dirt Devil Power Stick will swiftly scoot around grabbing whatever in its path with its powerful single cyclonic suction. It’s not intended to do a deep clean likes its elder brothers in the brand range but we know this of handheld vacuums but it will cut through the daily mess that is left in the wake of family life.

All in all, I think I’ve emerged from the darkness of vacuuming and this go to, easy to use product gets a thumbs up from me. In fact, I’m off to use it now.

You can see the full Dirt Devil range at

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