Review: Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath

We love bath time at VFAD almost as much as we love chocolate but nothing makes a good bath time like copious amounts of bubbles – the more the better. We’ve had some brands of bubble bath that have well, just not had the bubble factor. However, we were sent the new Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath to try and our judgement is that it’s beautifully bubblicious.

Infacare is pH balanced so it leaves sensitive skin soft with a gently clean. Its lovely scent is relaxing and can be a great feature in the bedtime routine. I learnt in the early days that a nice warm bath with bubbles is an essential part for us to winding down ready for bed so we try to build it in throughout the week. Too many baths can be quite drying to the Little Lady’s skin. However, we haven’t any of such side effects with Infacare. Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath is gentle enough to use for babies beyond 1 month so I’ve been able to combine bath time for both girls now, which may sound like it could speed up the process but don’t be fooled – super amounts of bubbles, a million floating squirting toys, a three year old who likes a bubble-beard and a wriggling baby who’s all about the splash do not make for a speedy bath time but hey – that’s all part of the fun.

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