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LapBaby - View From A Daddy

Here at View From a Daddy there are often times when I need to be able to use my hands but also to have hold of the little one; this could be when I’m grabbing a sandwich or when I have to answer a call or answer an email. Now that Littlest View From a Daddy is able to hold her neck up (she’s 3 months), the LapBaby has had its first uses here at headquarters. One of Big View From a Daddy’s favourite play activities is to complete a jigsaw or matching games (of which we seem to have boxes and boxes – Mrs View From a Daddy can’t resist them). Anyway, when we are at play, the LapBaby has been a great aid because it means that I can still sit at the dining or play tables and get involved with the game.

The LapBaby comes in a light grey fabric and attaches around the waist with a reassuring velcro and clips. There’s a maximum adult waist size of 45 inches so it’s quite generous. There’s a wipe proof detachable lap cloth and attachment straps for toys and teethers. The LapBaby comes in its own carry case, which makes it easy to pack away and store (essential with all of the other kit that fills your house when you have a baby or when you are on your travels it can easily be stored under the buggy or in your changing bag).

So, if you have that email you just need to send or you find you need your hands free to eat or play, then it’s worth trying out the LapBaby to give your hands that extra bit of freedom.

Produced in a neutral colour way for unisex appeal, LapBaby retails at £24.99.

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LapBaby - View From A Daddy

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