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Little Green Sheep - View From A Daddy

The little lady over here at View From A Daddy has had some seriously comfortable sleeps over the past few weeks. Recently decorated, her new big girl’s room is cute and cosy. We were keen that when purchasing the new kit for her bed, we had it just right so as to not to break the sleeping pattern. We are really pleased to have been working with the team at The Little Green Sheep company who gave us the opportunity to try out their award winning Little Green Sheep Mattress Protector, which won Gold, no less, at the 2016 Mother & Baby Awards in the Best Sleep Product Category.  I can safely say we can testify to the quality of this product.

Little Green Sheep - View From A DaddyUnlike other mattress protectors we have used (we’ve had a number), the robustness of this the Little Green Sheep product can be seen and felt. Measuring in at 90 x 190 cm, the protector fits easily onto a single mattress. It’s snuggly fitted into place with elasticated straps at each corner ensuring that even the wriggliest of sleepers shouldn’t disturb its placement which is reassuring and rather than trapping any dust mites, this feature allows for the mattress to breathe.

The gentle soft organic waterproof protector is delicate to the touch and, although not cumbersome, it leaves the bed feeling boosted with an extra layer. The absorbent layer means that there is no pooling (yes – we have truly tested) so your little one’s skin is protected too.

I have to say I have saved the best features to mention until last: there is definitely NO crunchy plastic feel or sound to this protector (you know that scratchy sound that follows even the smallest leg stretch or arm twitch in the middle of the night?) and I’m certain that this extra layer even provides warmth that the bed didn’t have before.

So, we would heartily recommend the Little Green Sheep Company Mattress Protector for its extra reassurance, high quality and that little bit of extra magic warmth!

Visit to find out more about this fabulous product and company.

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