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Milton Hygiene Kit - View From A Daddy

Milton Hygiene Kit - View From A DaddyOne of the things that worries me about all of the toys that we have in the house and the car and the garden and everywhere else you can imagine, is the fact that often they get covered in dribble, are played with by grubby hands or are left scattered around on the floor yet little hands don’t worry about the bugs and germs that the toys may have acquired while they have been waiting silently (in most cases) to be played with; they just want to get on and play. I’m a sucker for a wet wipe and these are often my go to when something needs a quick clean – I know I am not alone but they don’t do the intense debug that is often required so often something more powerful is required. Milton have sent over a sample of their easy to use antibacterial products to View From a Daddy HQ that have quite honestly made light work of cleaning and de-bugging.

The Milton 3-in-1 Antibacterial Surface Spray has been used frequently since it’s arrival. I’ve liberally sprayed it all over the kitchen worktops and the dining table as well as on the little play table that we use for crafting, eating, colouring, playing games and all those jobs that bring with them germs. The fresh scent leaves a sense of reassurance that you’ve zapped whatever lurks invisibly on the surfaces. Although, it’s a clear liquid, the thick foam spray that is dispensed enables you to see where you have targeted and allows you to ensure good cleaning coverage. The spray is gentle enough for cleaning surfaces that come into contact with food but also powerful enough to get the nasties that lurk in places such as the potty, the high chair or the bath. Thumbs up for the spray.

Milton Hygiene Kit - View From A DaddyMilton have also given us the chance to try out their antibacterial biodegradable wipes. With 30 in the pack, there are plenty to keep you going while in the house or when out and about. We have loved these to use on a recent picnic to cleanse the surfaces and (sorry if you are of a sensitive disposition!) to clean a rather grubby loo lid (#grim) before the Little Lady ‘spent a penny’. The wipes can be used for the things that the spray is best kept away from such as electronic devices. The iPad and the Little Lady’s iPod get lots of use with grubby fingers but the Milton wipes have cleaned away even the crustiest residues. The Milton Antibacterial Wipes have also been useful to wipe down the teethers and rattles that are all being drawn to Littliest View From a Daddy’s mouth as she explores the world around her. With the many bugs and viruses that are gleefully shared around between young ones, the Milton wipes and spray offer a solution to killing off the bugs. You can even use the wipes to clean down a teat or soother when on the go, which is reassuring and handy. The packaging is small enough to fit comfortably into the changing bag so as not to be cumbersome and with it’s resealable pack, the wipes retain their moisture too.

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