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Rosco Hibbs - Dog Food

Over the last two weeks we have been trying out the tailor made food for Rosco our one year old labrador, and he has loved it!

In a two minute online consultation ask a few short questions about your dog including breed, age, weight, exercise level, health issues and what types of ingredients he’s used to. They then work out his nutritional needs at this specific stage in his life and create a blend that meets these needs. So, you can be confident that you’re giving your dog the right nutrition.

Each dog’s blend is a unique mix of kibbles selected to meet their individual needs, in the correct quantity to deliver the daily energy they need. Therefore each dog’s monthly delivery is a unique blend, quantity and total price.

I’m not usually one to be critical but I’d say that we have quite a fussy fellow on our hands and he’s certainly turned his nose up at some of the brands we have offered him before but his reaction to a bowl full of Tails food is quite different. There’s a definite wag in his tail when this is served up.

Take the nutritional consultation to find your dog’s individual blend and price today.

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