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At times here at View From a Daddy, dinner time can be a giggle and at other times it can be a challenge especially as the little lady acquires new language. Her favourite recently has been ‘it’s too spicy’ or ‘it’s making my tummy fizzy’. Now, I’ll admit that at times I have overdone the chilli flakes but I’ve never cooked with anything past its sell by date so I’m willing to accept the first critique but definitely not the second. I’m not daft; I know she’s testing the ground and seeing what she can get away with but I have to say that on the whole she loves to try new foods and she certainly has her favourite meals so I was keen to take up the invitation to try Tilda Rice for Kids and she has been more than pleased with the products too. There’s not been a mention of ‘too spicy’ or a ‘fizzy tummy’.

Tilda Kids offers steamed basmati rice in a number of delicious flavours for children who are weaned and happily eating solid food. Some of the flavours we tried out were Vegetable Wholegrain which included sweetcorn, sweet potato and carrots and Mild Curry with green beans, sweet potato and apricots – each were happily devoured. Many of the choices are whole grain, dairy free and all are gluten free. Tilda Kids Rice is a great accompaniment to a lunch or dinner for your little ones and can even be used as a key ingredient in other fantastic recipes suggested by Tilda themselves which are freely available on their website: Having additional recipes was a really appealing factor for me – while I enjoy cooking, my repertoire is quite limited so being able to do something other than plate up the rice enhanced my skills somewhat. Our favourite recipes were ‘beans means boats ‘a tasty chicken taco dish and ‘party pasties’ (my pastry skills were tested on these!).

The easy open pouches provide all of the cooking instructions and ingredients. The rice can be both microwaved or cooked over a low heat on the hob.  We opted for the latter option and the results were great.  But of course, with the recipes preparation can vary.

The Tilda Kids is branded with a super cute elephant named Tilli who is accompanied by a range of animal characters on each of the various flavours. Tilli displays what is on offer in the packet with sketches of tasty fresh vegetables helping your little one to learn about different food groups and associated flavours. The pouches contain 125grams of rice so there’s plenty for your small diners and even some for you too. We would recommend the Tilda Kids for flavour and ease of use. The recipes are also a great way to get your child involved in food preparation and cooking, which usually, in our house, means there’s no comments about dishes being ’too spicy’!

The Story of Tilli Rice from First 10 on Vimeo.

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