REVIEW: Trespass Barkley Walking Boots

Trespass Boots Review - View From A Daddy Blog Review

Trespass - View From A Daddy Blog ReviewWith a labrador that has an insatiable desire to exercise, to the point of circling the garden like a mad man even after a good stretch of his legs and, living in close proximity to a near perfect Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, I like a good walk. Having said that however, I also like comfortable footwear that’s sturdy and above all waterproof. I’ve been known to abandon a trek following a leaky boot so footwear is important to me and of course my furry friend because without me, he’s left chasing his tail (not even the Little Lady can keep up with him).

Trespass invited me to try out their Barkley Men’s walking boots which so far have set me in good stead for a roam around the park and good romp over the Chase. It’s no secret whether you’re in the north or south, mother nature is currently having a good old laugh at us all; today we’ve had frost, beautiful sunshine and pouring rain in equal measure but I can safely say that the boots have met the test. They have been waterproof and comfortable allowing me to get over the mounds and grasses that my crazy labrador likes to bound. Along with the comfort comes support owing to a cushioned collar and tongue as well as the moulded footbed to support the foot arch.

Even over the wet mud and rugged terrain, these guys have hit the mark. I feel good and I think they look pretty good too. These are in the castle colour but black and khaki are available too. So, if you’re looking to get new boots or replace tired reliables, you won’t go far wrong with the Trespass Barkley men’s boots. They certainly get my recommendation.

See the full range of boots available from Trespass.

Did you know that you can easily waterproof any pair of boots from your own home? All you need are a handful of simple tools and materials to help you transform your shoes into a fortified water-repelling version of their old selves. Discover all these helpful tips from Trespass!

Trespass Boots Review - View From A Daddy Blog Review


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