Review: Vax PowerWash 2500w Complete Pressure Washer

Vas PressureWash - View From A Daddy

Not to fulfil a cliché but I do like a new toy and receiving the Vax PowerWash proved no exception to the rule. This versatile, multi purpose bit of kit has got me hooked. In fact, I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon power washing things. I love it.

My mission, as set by my wife, was to wash the car and, wash it, I did. I can honestly say that car cleaning is not my favourite pass time but the job was made easy with the The Vax PowerWash. The lance was easy to attach as was the jet nozzle which is recommended for car cleaning. In the pack you receive two solutions for different purposes: a multi purpose cleansing solution and a shampoo specifically for car cleaning, which each come in transparent packaging making it easy for you to judge when a replacement might be needed – a bug bare of mine. The bags usefully hang on to the PowerWash so you don’t have to drag the machine around and manoeuvre the packaging at the same time (a la ‘hospital drip style’). It’s done for you. The body of the machine also has a handy hook allowing for you to position the lance when you are attending to fly removal or other such adventures that only highlight your life when car cleaning. The brush attachment aided the finished effect and along with the shampoo the car now looks refreshed and super shiny.

From the pictures, you can see the impact that The VaxPowerWash had. I’ll admit, it’s been a few weeks ahem months since those wheels have seen a jet wash and then someone else blitzed them for me but it’s clear to see the Power Wash did some serious shifting – the sun even came out to celebrate the finished product.

Other attachments include a patio cleaner which can be accompanied by the multi-purpose solution to rejuvenate your outside lounging area. This is next week’s job.

The Vax PowerWash stands upright and has a super useful carry handle allowing you to move around the perimeter of the wash area. In my case, the car. The Vax PowerWash is compact but powerful and incredibly easy to store. Another added feature, which boosts its effectiveness in my book, is the storage facility for the hose, which winds around the reel and is contained within the body of the PowerWash.

Before & after images:

Vas PressureWash - View From A Daddy Vas PressureWash - View From A Daddy

It really is multi-purpose and would be a great addition to any household large or small. Its a 2500 watt pressure blasts away unwanted and unsightly blemishes on the exterior of your home, your vehicles and bikes or even your bbq.

Having used cheaper alternatives, I can honestly say you pay for what you get. And with this, you get ‘The Vax PowerWash Complete Pressure Washer’.

Visit the Vax website to find out more!

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