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‘Starting School’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg - View From A DaddyLike many out there, last week saw a huge change for us as the Little Lady started nursery. This brought many emotions for me as a stay at home dad. My sole job has been about keeping her safe, teaching her, encouraging her independence and her ability to explore but most importantly enabling her to have fun. Whilst nursery really is only going to be half of her day, our little world of ‘fun, frolics and fiddle-de -dees’ to quote a famous children’s author is about to alter quite significantly as she starts her journey into the world of education. I will of course lament our hazy days but look forward to following her progression and waiting in anticipation to hear all about her mornings.

The Little Lady has been ready for nursery for some time. She’s keen to meet new friends and to do ‘some learning’. But, we can’t call it nursery; it’s school so in preparation we have been reading about school. At the start of the summer, Mrs VFAD stumbled across a fab picture book in Marks and Spencers (while fulfilling her need to buy more children’s clothes – we are the parents whose children look immaculate while I rock a grey t-shirt circa …. I’m too embarrassed to say).

‘Starting School’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg (two of our favorites) is a great place to start when introducing the concept of school. The easy to read tale does relate specifically to school (and not nursery) but the ideas will be pretty much be the same for the Little Lady’s experience at nursery. From describing the start of the day in the playground which is truly reminiscent of my own experience to coat pegs and diddy-sized toilets. The Ahlbergs, in their typical style, provide beautiful images to accompany the story of a group of children who each face different challenges when they begin school but offers reassurances for any little learners and celebrates the differences of all of the characters as we follow them through their first term of school.

If you are reading about nursery or school, let us know what you have been reading. We’d love to hear all about them.

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