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Spring made a flash appearance this weekend and so we got outside to get in the sunshine and have some fun. While Sunday was a wash out with a hint of snow, Saturday was beautiful and the sun allowed for hockey and exploring the local nature reserve.

All this merry making and exploring is very well and good but the issue of picking the most appropriate threads can become a bit of a problem. I’m often ribbed by my own mom about my need to clarify as a child if I could ‘get dirty’. What can I say? I like order! The Little Lady has not surprisingly inherited this trait and always does a double check before making her way to the hugest puddles or muddiest part of the field. Mrs View From a Daddy is good at sorting a pile of ‘only wear it outside to get muddy in’ clothe’ saving other attire ‘for best’. This is probably a hang up from her own childhood but we both seem to hold fast to it.

MandM Direct invited the Little Lady to give a sample of their clothes from designer brands the play test. Ordinarily, I would have unpacked any new clothing and filed it in the appropriate area of the wardrobe for ‘going out’ or ‘for best’. I’m sure there’s a comedy sketch waiting to be written about familiar traditions harking back to the post war years passed down from our parents and grandparents. But, I threw caution to the wind and once, The Little Lady had overcome the excitement of unpacking the fab selection of clothes and trainers, we got outdoors and enjoyed the sun.

MandM Direct supply designer brands at discount prices; their ranges include Converse, French Connection and Sketchers all of which we got to try out. With true to size fits from the comfy Converse hoody and summery French Connection t-shirt, we were equipped for a breeze and the sunny run around outside. But what received the biggest welcome were the flash up Sketchers. Who knew that light up shoes would be so popular? Not since I donned my Nike Air Max in the 1990s, have I seen such glee in a child face about shoes.

Mrs View From a Daddy is somewhat brand faithful – I’m not suggesting I don’t get much of a say when it comes to the girls’ clothes but I don’t. Having said that, I am keen to proffer my opinion but no discussion was needed here – we all agreed that the kit of choice for this weekend’s outdoor adventures was fit for purpose, comfortable and cool. So if you’re looking for something funky, which won’t break the bank, check out MandM Direct.



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Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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