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We’ve teamed up with CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) to support their latest campaign to inform and protect children whilst they are using the internet. Although the internet is an incredible tool, there are precautions to be taken to help children stay safe when online. Some of the information is quite daunting and scary especially for parents of young children, but the risks are real so it’s never too early to consider if you and your children are safely using the web.

The #Thinkuknow campaign aims to make parents aware of so they can protect their children from online risks. While everyone knows the internet is an incredible place where children can find entertaining and valuable tools and information, it can also sometimes leave them vulnerable to risks of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Thinkuknow offers parents important, authoritative information and advice to help them protect their children from risks, such as online grooming and sexting. It is produced by CEOP, part the UK’s National Crime Agency, which leads UK policing’s response to tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse.

If parents are worried that their child is being groomed online, they can report this directly to CEOP via the ‘Click CEOP’ button on the Thinkuknow website.  Many websites also have the CEOP sign which you can click if you want to make a report.

So why does CEOP exist? Here’s the background to the campaign:

In today’s world, social media may have changed the way young people communicate but their curiosity about sex and relationships remains the same. Technology, flirtation, excitement and hormones are a powerful mix. This can make it harder for young people to think clearly about their actions or to consider the possible consequences.

Research tells us that having a supportive parent or carer can make all the difference in helping a young person learn to stay safe, but talking to your child about sex, relationships and the internet can be daunting. CEOP want to encourage parents to talk to their children about sex, relationships and internet, using advice available from Thinkuknow, to help build their children’s resilience to online risks.

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