Tim Peake – Spacewalk Live

Tim Peak Spacewalk - View From A Daddy

ESA astronaut Tim Peake was launched into space only a month ago but he is already set for his first spacewalk on Friday, 15 January. Together with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra they will exit the International Space Station at 12:55 GMT to replace a failed power regulator, install a valve and attach cables to the outside of the Station.

WATCH LIVE AT www.esa.int

Xanthe absolutely loves watching the moon and this morning we even saw the International Space Station overhead which was just amazing. We’ll be tuning in to watch Tim on his spacewalk. Good luck Tim, safe adventures.

A special CBeebies Stargazing guest has come to visit me on the International Space Station. Find out more tomorrow at 17:45 on CBeebies. Thumbs up, Stargazers and Chris Jarvis!

Posted by Tim Peake on Thursday, 14 January 2016



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