Review: It’s ‘tres bon’ for Arbonne Baby Products

ABC Baby Care Set - View From A Daddy

For the past fortnight, we have been sampling the latest Arbonne toiletries for babies.

Our pack includes bath & hair wash, body lotion, herbal nappy cream, baby oil and water-proof SPF 30 sunscreen. The packaging is appealing with a cute face and lavender colouring indicating its intended audience. I’ll start by saying that the contents of each and every bottle is just lovely.

ABC Baby Care Set - View From A DaddyXanthe is a huge fan of the bath so the Arbonne’s bath and hair wash which creates some fab bubbles and has a soft scent was a hit. It’s been gentle on her skin and hasn’t left her at all dry like some baby products can. The lotion is also a great product. Baby’s skin doesn’t generally require much moisturising but as a bum shuffler, Xanthe puts some hard wear onto her ankles. However, the Arbonne baby lotion & oil has helped to tackle that and over our trial period, it’s had visible impact. Unlike some lotions, this one covers well and doesn’t require too much to be used in each application.

You can pretty much guess what I am going to say about the remaining products but it’s definitely worth mentioning the nappy cream. Like most baby essentials, this is a constant on the shopping list, but the Arbonne nappy cream lasts well and has been fantastic for Xanthe leaving her with a super soft derrière!

All in all a fab selection of products. I’ve had a few cheeky samples myself (not the nappy cream of course) and I can happily say that these products are spot on!

Thank you to Arbonne distributor Kim for providing us with these products.

For more information please visit Kim’s Arbonne page and the Arbonne UK website.

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