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It turns out that Littlest View From a Daddy is fiercely independent. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t let anything get in her way in so far as she can at 7 months old. For example, she’ll let everyone know that she wants a cuddle or some milk at around 4.30am each morning and with the same determination she’ll tummy surf and commando crawl to whatever object she has her eye on. It’s this same independence it would seem that means she’s not keen on anyone feeding her at meal times and while the weaning process is still underway, given that she has no teeth, she much prefers handling her food herself rather than being fed on the spoon. The same goes for liquids, while she likes the comfort of warm milk, she likes to hold on to her own cups for water.

VitalBaby have sent us some great products to try that have come just at the right time. Aimed at 6 month olds plus, the Snack Pot ‘Trap a Snack’ is a handy little pot which does exactly what it says and holds the snack in place until your baby is ready to grab some more. With flexible soft slatted openings little fingers can reach and capture their snacks allowing them their independence and providing you with that little bit of freedom needed when you’re on the move. Made from BPA free materials, the Snack Pot has a handle that can be grabbed by the same clasp that manages to pinch that little bit of skin right under your arm when you least expect it – you know the part. What’s especially useful about the Trap a Snack is that there are no spills either at home, in the pushchair or in the chair. Anyone with a change bag full of ‘just in case’ snacks will know the curled lip that comes on when you reach in and instead of locating the closed packet you left in there, you get a handful of crumbs, soggy raisins or at worst crumbled what-evers.

Also helping on LVFAD mission to rule the feeding and drinking world is the VitalBaby Soft Spouted Two Handle Cup which features a genius free-flow and non-spill mechanism that can be removed dependent upon need. The vibrant soft spout is accompanied by a translucent cover to protect it some grime and like both the cup and snack pot can easily be popped in the dishwasher and steriliser for a deep clean. The easy to manage angled handles have been most welcomed by the littlest.

Both products come in three super colours. The Snack Pot Trap a Snack and Soft Spouted Two Handle Cup are great value for money each retailing at £3.99. Check them out for a smoother transition to the world of independent weaning.

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