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Bobble - View From A DaddyMy goodness it’s been warm these past few days and boy can we get fussy when we are not hydrated. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold glass of iced fizzy lemonade; a taste of my summer holidays but fizzy drinks don’t really feature on our shopping list nowadays. When I was younger and lived with my parents, I would guzzle the stuff morning, noon and night – in hindsight that must have been super pricey for them. But now that I manage my own budget, I don’t tend to put anything fizzy in the trolley accept for Mrs View From a Daddy’s tonic water (for special occasions).

Another reason for bypassing the cola aisle is that if I do have some fizzy ‘pop’ I tend to go for the branded stuff. Mrs View From a Daddy will sup the supermarket stuff but I’m not keen. The Little Lady has a keen eye and, like a detective, she can sniff it out but we don’t encourage her to drink it mainly because of the sugar content and the behaviour explosions that can follow when too much sugar has been consumed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the sugar police. There isn’t an amnesty on sugary things but because we don’t tend to have it in the house then she doesn’t drink it save for the odd sip. All things in moderation and all that…

To combat the heat, we have been trying to keep cool and hydrated by drinking water – after all it’s on tap. The Little Lady is a little bit fascinated with the freezer and its ability to magically turn water to ice so we have taken advantage of this and tried to add ice to increase the credibility of the water. We have even gone as far as buying shaped ice cub trays. Fruit shapes have been our favourite and so the water has been slurped without fuss even as the drink of choice over squash.

Bobble - View From A DaddyThe Little Lady has also been super keen to drink from her new Bobble bottle. We’ve had Bobble bottles for some time but we’ve recently tried out the infusion range, which allows you to add fruits to the bottle and so while the water is still filtered, it gets a fruity flavour too. As you might imagine, adding ice was one thing but popping in a slice of lemon or lime or even a berry or two has meant that water has been a hit. The only problem now is that when you ask her what she wants to drink, she can be heard replying ‘ice and a slice please’. This may have more to do with her mother’s fancy for another clear liquid but rest assured there’s none of that in the Bobble.

I’m not sure how long this heat is set to last. Not long knowing GB summers but one thing is for sure, the Bobble looks set to stay with us and will be accompanying the Little Lady to nursery in the coming weeks.

You can buy a Bobble online at www.lordsathome.com

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