Whit Week at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre and SEA LIFE Manchester

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Families looking for a fun filled day out should head to Manchester and visit not one but two fantastic attractions this whit week; LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre and SEA LIFE Manchester!

From Saturday 28th May to Sunday 5th June, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre and SEA LIFE Manchester at the Trafford Centre will have plenty to entertain families, including the chance to see brand new additions at the attractions, activities that will keep guests entertained for hours and fascinating talks that will leave visitors intrigued and inspired. Even better, guests only have to buy one ticket and will have the freedom to explore two brilliant attractions!

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester - View From A DaddyFor movie enthusiasts, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre has another new 4D movie arriving! Guests can download themselves into an all-new 4D film experience starring the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ – at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester this May. In an immersive 4D animated adventure created especially for LEGOLAND Parks and LEGOLAND Discovery Centres around the world. It’s up to the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS to defeat the evil Jestro, the Book of Monsters and all their Lava Monsters all set in a 4D world – think wind, water and smoke – bringing the battle to life all around the cinema.

If that wasn’t enough, visitors can still see The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure, exclusively in LEGOLAND® cinemas. Both movies will be on rotation with two to three showings every hour, so there’s no chance to miss these fantastic new films!

Not to miss the most amazing city in the world, the brand new play area, City Builder. Visitors can create cities and buildings in the most unique city that can be imagined. From the creativity of countless budding architects will flourish the most beautiful and imaginative buildings and stories. Girls and boys can meet the heroes of City and the girlfriends of Heart Lake City, and they’ll see everything from huge skyscrapers to cosy family houses all made from LEGO®.

At SEA LIFE Manchester, families can delve in deep to the fascinating world of new exhibition, Octopus Hideout and spot the star of the show, the Giant Pacific Octopus. Visitors spotting skills will truly be put to the test with this new exhibition, as the Octopuses and their cuttlefish cousins disguise into their environment and fit into spaces that don’t seem possible!

Visitors will get the unique opportunity to come face to sucker with these mesmerising multi-legged creatures, marvelling at the jet-propelled, gas-fuelled prehistoric Nautilus, Cuttlefish, the Common Octopus and the teeny tiny Atlantic Long Arm Octopus.

Not only this, families can also experience Turtle Beach, where visitors will be taken on an exciting interactive 3D journey and follow the life cycle of a sea turtle all the way from a small egg to swimming in the big wide world! Guests will also have the chance to see the underwater cave systems in Rocky Hideout and come face to fin with a variety of sea creatures, including the spiny lionfish. Not to miss the soothing Stingray Bay, the interactive rock pool with crabs and starfish, the captivating Ocean tunnel and much more!

For more information and to buy tickets, please visit www.legolanddiscoverycentre.co.uk/manchester or www.visitsealife.com/manchester

This post is published as part of our role as Merlin Entertainment Ambassadors.

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